food for thought..

Today I watched this in a training seminar I took part in. Watch and learn.


new hooouse..

so, heres our new house from space. yay. im still very excited about the house. we're not unpack totally yet, but im sure we'll be done soon. yay. new house.


hi bloggies..

that's my random pic of the day. sponge bob flying through the sky.
tomorrow is another work day. boo. but im going to halifax for training on wednesday. woo.

another work week, another week with the general public. especially the ones that hang out in our plaza.



catch up..

holy geeze.
the things that happen when you dont have internet for a week..

updates, updates, updates.

well we moved. into the house. i couldnt be happier. we actually have space to put all our stuff.. its nice. in fact, the place is so big, we need to get a bigger tv. it's just not cutting it in this room. ironically funny thing: the washer here also sucks, hard. pretty much the same problem as what was stressing me out at the apartment (before eric fixed it) happened here.. then it just kicked the bucket altogether. lame.

we got a new kitty. his name is tom. mainly because there are just so many tom's out there.. i have endless name-add-ons to make him more exciting. TomCat, tommy boy, stompin' tom, tom collins, and most recently, tooty tom.

also, steve got really sick two or three days ago. it was scary. but never fear, he's on the mends.

(a picture of tom, mid-head shake)


on fire..

holy cow my tongue is on fire. jason bought some complements salt and vinegar chips today, and holy cow are they ever burn-your-tongue-off seasoned. which i find hard to believe. chips are one of those things where i shill out the extra bucks to get the good kind. but i think from now on ill save myself that dollar, because they defiantly are not skimping. other things that i buy the good name brands are : fabric softener, dish soap, toilet paper, soap, and Kleenex. but other than those, oh and ketchup, i buy the cheapest brands. always. long live complements. OH YA, and i only drink diet coke, one day i thought id just try the no name diet cola, bad idea. 

september 25th..

oh ya, not only do i have the day off work!! but count down to liquor day is on.. 




i feel like my brain may have melted and ran out of my ear. 
(this is how i feel right now)


pure 80s..

i swear this song is on the rock radio station here at least twice a day. im not even kidding. 

pure amazeballs. 


holy moly..

ive been slacking in the blogging department lately. sorry. 
ive just been trying to adjust to the working life. is it ever hard to go from not working at all, to BLAMO fulltime! but i think ive got it down now. today after work i actually had the energy to tackle some household chores.. lame sauce. we had grown this mountain of laundry, and it needed to be done. and guess what? it is now. yay abria! 
its on my cleaning soundtrack. lots of work to be done. 


bed time..

so my last blog was all about how im so excited for all the new seasons to start up! (i really am) but that also means that the summer shows are having their season finales. ive been watching (guiltily) "more to love" all summer. i still am not sure if i like it, or if its just on. but either way. tonite im crazy exhausted from work, and have to get up early and go in tomorrow, but i cant tear myself away from the ending. my eyes are starting to droop shut, but im going to stick it out the last 20 minuets, because i really really want to know. im rooting tali, melissa can suck it. common, speed it up. 

UPDATE: luke told melissa she's not the one, then he had what looked like a meltdown, after that, luke told tali she's the one, and i went to bed. 



so FINALLY this week is upon us!! ive been waiting all summer. this is the week that all the good shows start up their new seasons!!! yay!!! 

i have to say, im most excited for the office to start again. remember? jim and pam are preggers. michael decided to continue to love holly from afar.. and who knows what else crazyness is going to go on. im very very excited. thursdays at 9 (10 in NB) on NBC. in fact im pretty stoked on the entire thursday nite line up. (stoked? how white am i?) thursdays will grace us with SNL weekend update, parks and recreation, the office, community (which is new, but looks funny) and jay leno's new show. oh, and 30 rock. sounds like a good nite to me. i cant wait. 


whats up??

im having a girls nite out tonite!! and man oh man is it going to be a good time. its been a while in the making, but the day is finally upon us. it feels like forever since ive gotten ready to go out with a bunch of friends. (or going out in general). it used to be a weekly event. i miss the days of predrinking the bar with 50/50 vodka-redbull with sabrina on wednesdays and fridays. everyone needs a weekly douce of cougars, and 80s hits.. really. getting ready for the bar with a friend is always better then a solo mission, because there is someone to tell you, you look like a fricken idiot. those terribly dressed, makeup everywhere, hair a mess girls.. they got ready alone. that would never happen in a team situation. because as we all know, a team is only as strong as the weakest link. i hope you're all having a super fly weekend!!


sad news..

im sad today. 
purr monster passed away this afternoon. 
turns out she was one sick little kitty. she had worms. HARDCORE. it was really sad, she sat on the couch all day, and by the end, she couldn't even hold her tiny head up. but im glad to say she went peacefully in her sleep. and shes no longer in pain. so thats a plus. 

bye bye purr monster, you were a little sweetheart, and we'll miss you. 



uh oh..

im fairly certain that the world is coming to an end. how do i know? well on the drive home, from the worst service ever at 'west side luigis', justin bieber was on TWO radio stations at the same time. in my opinion there was no point in time that this little kid from stratford ontario should have become famous. and i could have lived the rest of my life without his single being on TWO radio stations at the exact same time. balls. it ruined my night. 

(ya, gangster it up you fricken idiot)
back to the bad service at dinner. it was so bad that i felt the need to mention it in my blog, so you know it was a bad bad time. we were there for about an hour before they even took our order. (and we wernt going to leave, because we had a gift certificate) and jason was out of a drink for probably 45 mins. 
note to the general public:: do not go to previously mentioned restaurant in saint john, nb. because you will get mad, and not tip your server. and if you're anything like jay or i, you will feel like a douche, but it was more than necessary. 

seacrest out. 

how amazing!!!

THE BEATLES ROCKBAND?!?!?! i am BEYOND excited for this game. it comes out 09/09/09. i think this will rekindle my pure burning love for rockband. eeeeee. im so excited. pure excellence. 


by accident..

so, i was watching mtv, and on the news portion of the show they announced that jay z's blueprint 3 has been leaked! im so excited. 

in other news.. i started my new job, i think im going to really like it there. so far its been really good, and the people are very nice. so fingers crossed that it stays that way. also! we got a new kitten. purr monster is here for real. steven french didnt care much for her at first, and spent two days really really pissed off at us. but i think he's getting over it. he was chasing her around this morning.. and then let her lie down with him for a little. i bet they're going to be best friends. 

well. thats all for now, better get ready for work. another day, another dollar ya'll. 



so, as i promised, here they are!! THE MCWHIRTER LADIES! (pause for 'awww' and 'how cute')

check these little guys out. we've got Taylor Mae on the left and Mariah Lynn on the right. flash forward 14 years, and their father is going to be going nuts. 
best of luck guys! little babies!!


i think i'll go..

yay! it'll be super fun, im sure of it. 
i just love new brunswicks natural beauty. 
i'll be here, if you need me. 

also, a super huge, exciting, congratulation go out to will and carissa, on the birth of their amazing identical twin girls yesterday. 
i'll introduce you bloggies to them once ive met them myself. 
exciting times. 


love love love it..

happy birthday lisa,

is it just me or is lisa a weird name, and you didnt even know it? 

its my friend lisa's birthday tomorrow, technically for me.. right now. (aug 25) and i went and wrote out the lyrics from the song 'lisa its your birthday' from the simpsons on her FB wall (im a nice friend like that.. always letting my friends know i care)... i had to listen to the song a couple of times to make sure i had it right, and now.. lisa seems like a weird word. 
seriously, say it over and over like 25 times.. its weird right? 
not that i should be saying anything. abria. what a fucked up name right? and the i is silent. abra. weird. 

i think it has more to do with how many times ive typed it, and heard it.. im sure the same thing would be true for a word like... salami. not that lisa is anything like salami.

happy birthday lisa, i hope its a grood* one.

*grood - combination of good and great, great and good. 


dating in the dark..

so, my cable line up right now is BEYOND lame. 
its between 'dating in the dark' and a one hour special of jon and kate plus 8 (in the good old days back when they were still together...) of when they went skiing. and ive already sat thru the j&k+8 and i cant afford to loose any more brain cells. 
dating in the dark is the most ridiculous show out there.. now, i missed the beginning but i think that there is these 3 women and 3 men, the women live with the women, and the men live with the men, and they cannot see the opposite sex in the light, but have dates in a dark date room. and they all date each other, and they more or less make out with each other, get jealous then revenge make out with other people. take about spreading the common cold faster than necessary. are they going to like each other when they see each other?? thats the big question. and the answer is, who gives a fuck. these losers who date on tv, just look tacky and lame. 

lame on, lameballs. 

just around the corner..

its so close you can smell it in the air. nasty hockey stuff in a musty bag. its the scent that canadians wait for. 
i really hope jason and i make it to many saint john sea dog games. we've not made it to one yet.. and that makes no sense, because we totally could have been to many by now. but its going down. and not to worry bloggies, ill keep you updated on the whirlwind season im anticipating. eeee. 

also, its looking as if the house is going to go through, (pending an inspection..) and that means i can finally get a kitten. his name will be purr monster. im so excited. i really think steve is looking forward to being a big brother. i hope he doesnt attack the new kitten like he does poor geo, but in the past steve has been good with kittens, so fingers crossed. 

well thats all thats going on in this fog town. 
seacrest out.


new update..

so, bill did bull. 
yep, way to waste a weekend waiting on a storm that never came. 
super. lame. 

but, let me tell you about this song "hey playa".. its great, and the video cracks me up. 
take a gander. 


oh sunny day..

holy moly, has it ever been nice in uptown saint john this last week and a bit. today is sunny and 27, which is pretty much unheard of in this fog ridden city. 
jason and i were going to go camping (we still might, but its not looking that way) at martin head this weekend.. which would mean some ocean front camping.. but hurricane Bill is rolling in and im just not certain that it would be the best idea for us to camp during the tail end of a hurricane. i might get washed into the drink never to grace the earth again, and that my friends would be a tragedy. 

fucking bill.  :(


so yesterday..

jason and i were looking at a house, (we actually really like it, and currently jason is writing up an offer, how exciting!!) and BLAM out of nowhere came these 6 ducks. jason said they came from the neighbours yard. how informative that boy is. 
these ducks were intense, they kept following me around, occasionally quacking and chomping down on grass. 
there was this one duck, he kept trying to eat flies.. i said he'd be a good friend for steve, who also likes to munch on flies. (sick) jason said the fly eating duck was trying to eat a moth, doesnt surprise me. 
i got a video and some pictures of our new duck friends, but i cant get it off my phone and onto my computer. :( so! if you want to see them, you'll have to see me. id be glad to share. 

crazy ducks.. 


wildlife update.

so far, since ive moved to new brunswick i have seen the following wildlife:

- one small, im assuming female moose
- 10 doe deers
- 1 buck
- 1 hawk
- 1 bald eagle
- 1 blue heron 
- cats
- horses
- skunks
- raccoons 
- 1 beaver
- a newt
- 1 big ugly warty toad

there is probably more, but these are the ones that come to mind off hand. we saw one doe and buck the other night. how exciting!!


sun burns.

sometime last week, or the week before i cant quite remember, i got a pretty bad ugly sunburn. i was wearing shorts and a wifebeater, and ended up with some really stupid looking tan lines. 
this kind of thing seems to happen to me at least once a year. last year it was my 'third and fourth nipples' (my bathing suit top had these rings, that left nipple looking tanlines). this year its the thick white strips from my wifebeater. 
jason has been making alot of fun of me because of it. and ive been trying to get rid of it, which here is hard to do because i can count the number of nice days on one hand. 
but thank the lord, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. we went to the beach and i couldnt have been happier. today was also nice out, so i lounged it up in the backyard hoping that my efforts will pay off. and they are for the most part. i think two or three more days out, and it will be evened out. YAY!


guess what im doing this weekend!!

im going to the big flea market in sussex!! we're only going tonite, ( i think.. i dont know for sure. lately conversation with jason is hard.. we talk when im half asleep, or when he's half asleep, so i can never be too too sure of anything ) 

im looking to buy a stationary bike, and a N64 - with bond, mario kart, zelda, and donkey kong. 

wish me luck!!


i forgot..

but i LOVE this song. bran van 3000 forever. 

so, i fell off the earth.

... and for that i am sorry.. 

hi bloggies. 
how are you all today? well, i hope you are all... very well. ( i was going to say 'totally fabulous' but felt it would be funnier, and granny-er to say very well.)
what is going on with me? you ask?
well i think i can see the light at the end of the most epic job hunt ever to be had by anyone, anywhere, ever. honestly.. i started looking for a job in FOG-TOWN USA in may.. its now august.. and ive only ever heard back from four people i applied for. --ouch-- but after three interviews, they called me to tell me they were going to be checking my references and i should know by early next week. yay! (my spellcheck says thats wrong.. it suggests ay, and yet.. epic fail spellcheck) but seriously, it will be nice to have some money in the bank, and to get things going on paying back some of these school debts. 
also, today i got in the mail my save.ca coupons! basically save.ca lists all kinds of coupons for stuff in your area, you click which ones you want, and they mail them too you. pretty sweet. save $1 on gain fabric softener.. yes please! so check that out for some awesome savings. 
today i found kimbra's (my sister's) youtube channel. it was so funny i shot the fruit juice i was drinking though my nose. pretty fuuny, here's the url http://www.youtube.com/user/lovekimbra 
that is all. for now. 


the most annoying thing ever..

jason coming home from work, waking me up, falling asleep.. then snoring like a banshee. to the point that i have to get up and leave the room. 
who needs an alarm clock when your boyfriend works nites? no one. 

.. at least not this girl. 


lets chat music.

.. recently ive come across, and fallen in love with KiD CuDi.. like really, hes pretty amazeballs.. like really, i generally find that artists like this have one or at most two songs that i like. but let me tell you, the hole CD is solid. A++ R&B artist. 


super exciting wednesday!!!

im having a dog the bounty hunter marathon nite. to be honest i think im just in a trance because of beth's boobs, its like a lava lamp.

also, i rolled jason and my small change tonite. guess how much we had? $54 and some change. nut balls. abria's recession tip #14: roll your change yo. 



this year i decided i was going to try to grow some plants. 
so far, this is what has happened. 

(pink flowering bush)

(our love plant, basil)

(chives in a bucket)

(italian parsley)

(cayenne peppers)


(steve's kitty nip)


(cherry tomatoes)

(cucumber bush)


O M G !

total amazingness 

my favorite podcast.

so, my all time favorite radio morning show is the dean blundell show. it is pee your pants hilarious. they never let me down, and its awesome. 
the sad part is that now i don't live in toronto, and cant get the show locally, but on the edge 102.1 website you can stream the show live. OR you can subscribe to their podcast, assuming you have iTunes (and who doesnt these days), its free!

listen live (click on the 'listen live' icon at the top), download the podcast (you wont regret it)

i love adrian 


dont be like these guys,

and air your dirty laundry online. 
.. what losers, fighting via twitter.

lame. (click the picture to make it bigger)


i love it.

i'll buy what you're selling reeses peanut butter man. 

i love this commercial! 


it happened.

.. so i finally got a twitter account. 
disgusting.. i know. no need to worry, im disappointed in myself.. but these times, they are a-changing. 
you can follow me at www.twitter.com/itsabria
well now that thats out of the way. 
steve is having a playdate with his cousin geo.. more like super-fight.
see for yourself.
(geo is the one on his back)
now taking bets on who will win round two... 

kitty kitty

this little guy is Steve French. im his mom, jason is his dad. somedays he's a good boy, other days he's a little shit. here kitty kitty.
p.s. what's with all these 'celebrities' dropping dead? (i put it in quotes, because they jury is still out on billy mays' celebrity status)



hi everyone. 

i promised a re-cap of my birthday's events.. but to be totally honest, nothing very note worthy happened. jason and i went to buy some cans of diet coke (ive been suffering with bottles.. i hate it when the big box stores only offer sales on fricken bottles.. how can i justify paying $5+ for 12 cans, when i can get 3 2L bottles for $5 or less? i cant, and it sucks).
after our diet coke adventure (we also picked up some mustard, and conditioner for my hair.. super exciting huh?) we went to subway for lunch. 
this year i had a hard time making up my mind for what i wanted for a present. i was torn between a new digital camera, or new birkenstocks. and i still havent made a decision. 
anyway. i want to know, what are you listening too these days.. 
what are your favorite songs?? 
let me know!!!


jon and kate


but i dont need to tell you, you watched too. 

first and best birthday present.

so, today is my birthday, 

i got up so jason could have the bed to himself and made myself the most delicious breakfast ever. 

now the best coincidence ever happened.. my all time favorite episode of trailer park boys is on.. "i fuckin miss corey and trevor". yay!

ill provide a full re-cap of the days events tomorrow. 

happy 24.


let me tell you about...

.. reversing falls!!!
The phenomenon of the Reversing Falls is caused by the tremendous rise and fall of the tides of the Bay of Fundy, which are the highest in the world. The natural southward-facing opening of the Bay of Fundy receives the on rushing ocean tides directly like a funnel. The tidewater is normal when it enters the bay at its widest point. But the farther up the bay it travels the more it changes. It is, in effect, squeezed by the ever-narrowing sides and the constant shallowing of the bottom forcing the water higher up the shores. The low tide running out of the bay collides with the new, incoming high tide, combining forces to make a higher wave coming in. The combination of wave forces is called resonance.
The Bay of Fundy tides are a result of the tidal action originating in the Southern Indian Ocean sweeping around the Cape of Good Hope and then northward into the Bay of Fundy. They are also affected by the distance of the moon from the earth at this longitude. Here in Saint John, the bay tides rise 28 ½ feet. When the tide is low, the St. John River, 450 miles long, empties into the bay. Between Fallsview Park and the Pulp Mill, the full flow of the river thunders through a narrow gorge. An underwater ledge, 36 feet below the surface causes the water in the river to tumble downward into a 175-200 foot deep pool. Below the mill and under the bridge. The water then boils in a series of rapids and whirlpools.
As the bay tides begin to rise, they slow the course of the river and finally stop the river's flow completely. This short period of complete calm is called slack tide. It is only at this time that boats are able to navigate the Falls. Shortly after this slack tide the bay tides become higher than the river level and slowly, at first, the river begins to flow upstream. As the bay tides continue to rise, the reverse flow gradually increases and the rapids begin to form, reaching their peak at high tide. The effect of this reversal is felt upstream as far as Fredericton, more than 80 miles inland. At this point the tidal waters are actually 14 ½ feet higher than the river.
After high tide the bay tides begin to fall and the upstream flow of the river gradually lowers until the bay tides fall to the level of the river - once again resulting in another slack tide. The river then resumes its normal course and begins to flow back out of the bay. The bay tides continue to fall below the level of the river until at low tide the rapids are again at their peak, flowing down stream. At this point the tidal waters are 14 ½ feet lower than the river level.
The tide rises and falls once about every 12 and a half hours. To best appreciate the Reversing Falls, you should try to view them at least twice on a given day - near low tide and near high tide. A good water level vantage point from which to view the Falls is Fallsview Park, not far from the Reversing Falls Information Centre. A twelve-minute film presentation explaining the phenomenon of the Reversing Falls, and highlighting various attractions in the Saint John area, can be viewed in the Reversing Falls Roof Top Theatre on the observation deck. A small admission charge applies to view the film. [SOURCE]
pretty much the WORST tourist attraction in the world, because it would be hard for someone that doesnt live here, to predict the tides, to be able to view both high and low tides. 
good golly.
(Reversing Falls, Low Tide | NOTE* the disgusting grey sky)


two dozen.

so, my birthday is coming up... the big 2-4. two dozen years old. yikes. also on my beeday alaina departs for jolly old europe. im so excited for her, (HAVE A GREAT TIME ALAINA, ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!)
i dont know if jason has anything in mind for my birthday, hes been working nights for the last week and a half, and i think its starting to melt his brain.. literally. tonight we had to drop off his work-truck and pick up some rolliecart thing, and his boss said he looked wrecked. but anyway what i was getting at is that i dont think hes had much time to think about what hes going to do. i had told him that i thought it would be nice to rent a cottage and have a nice romantic weekend away, but that is a no go. i think we're going to go camping instead. 
we bought a new tent this year so hopefully there will be room for our shoes in the tent this year, and a bigger air mattress. seriously, last year was ridiculous.. both of us fighting over space on a single air mattress. jokes. 
"year one" comes out friday and id like to go see that, hopefully that gets worked in somewhere this weekend. fingers crossed.

also a gardening update: jason and i are the proud owners of the following plants (and so far they're all doing fabulous.. despite the crap ball saint john weather.. that has actually been half nice lately) :: one basil plant, one dill plant, one rosemary plant, one italian parsley plant, two tiny tim tomato plants, one hot pepper plant, one cucumber bush, and one strawberry plant - that is doing quite well may i add. 

thats all ive got, kind of an all over the place blog i know.. but its better than nothing. 


domestic diva.

so my job search is going, with little to no response from the employers of this fog ridden city, so to help keep me busy while jason is working nights, i decided to try to recreate his grandmothers "monster cookies". 

i didnt realize it while i was writing out the recipe, that the batch i was making would be enough to feed an entire army for 6 years. 
despite the mass quantity they turned out great. yumm.


reporting live...

... from saint john, new brunswick.

so i made it, in one piece.. 
the move itself wasnt too too bad all things considered. we did the drive over two days which is hands down much less stressful then trying to do it all at once. 
we stopped in cornwall for the night at a very nice place, and then took off through quebec early the next day. Denis (my car) rolled over 200,000km just outside saint louis de haha... the name of that town still cracks me up, and ive been by it many times now. 

the following is a list of wildlife i had the pleasure to see as we sped along the highway: 8 deer, 1 moose, 1 hawk, 1 beaver, 2 cats, 1 dead groundhog, 1 live groundhog, 1 dead turtle, several cows, several horses.. by far the moose was the most exciting. yay!

also when were in quebec we had to stop so i could pee, and jason and my dad were telling me that some poor man in the bathroom was having a 'bad time' in the stall, and that he had some wet gas.. eewww.

we're finally settled into the apartment, and jason got the news that he's going to be working nights, working to refurbish a sobeys store.. GREAT, not. 

im steadily looking for jobs, and hope that something comes along soon. 

well i guess this update is lacking, but its better than nothing. 

so until im creative..
over and out blog-o-sphere. 


up, then down.

thankfully, things worked themselves out between jason and myself. 
the love is still burning strong. 

i feel that if you have enough love, thats all you need. and apparently we have enough. 

after that happy news, im sad to report that we had to put down buddy today. what a great kitty he was. i swear he was part greyhound, and was at least two feet tall, which is tall for a cat. we just couldnt see him suffer anymore. we dont really know what happened to the poor little guy, but he must have caught something that made his body shut down. it happened really fast too, he lost a bunch of weight, and couldnt get his red blood cell count up. this morning he was laying on the couch with me, and his breathing was short little gasps. it was painful to watch him suffer like that, so it was time. 

ill miss you little guy, you were the best cat a girl could ever ask for. rest in peace little bud bud. 


gut wrenching sadness.

yesterday the sky started to fall. 
im so sad, i dont even know where to begin. 
the man i love says he no longer feels the same way. 
i was supposed to move across the country to be with him in four days. 
im not going anymore. 

im so sad, 
how could everything i was ever sure about be so totally wrong? 
who can talk sense into the man that i love so utterly deeply??

what am i going to do with myself?
how am i going to find the strength to re-tell the story time and time again as people wonder why im still here?
more importantly, what am i going to do with myself? 
how am i going to hold back the tears as my heart breaks time and time again?
how do i stop the burning pain in my chest?
how do i sleep the entire night, and not lie there in total shock quivering with tears?

i love him. 
i love him so much. 
i still love him even though he made me feel like this.
am i stupid for feeling this way?

i love him.. 
i love him.


ranting and raving.

snapshot of my annoyances. 

current time: 2:31am 
- man, or men outside screaming at the tops of their lungs. and im not sitting here in silence. the tv is on, obviously im clicking away on the keyboard. and i can still hear him crying out.. for what? im not sure. 

- 90 thousand sirens of all sorts at all times. most likely responding to all sorts of different calls. from my window i can see at least 10 other high-rise buildings, and that is without craning my neck to see the others. a butt load of people rock it hard in the ghetto.. every once and a while you get to see some kind of show, its normally an apartment fire, which is intense to watch.

normal business hours
- continuos tapping, hammering like sounds. we've lived in this apartment for going on two years, and we still dont completely know what the noises are. we have become informed that the people below us are architect students at ryehigh... but it still sounds like its coming from upstairs.. how they could continually be upgrading their apartment for over two years without being finished is mind boggling. 

- the shitty show called "keys to the vip". lamest show ever. i should change the station.



guess where i am?

thats right, im in Goderich.. 
the lighthouse, i normally forget it on the town tour, which i shouldnt its pretty badass in reality. sorry lighthouse i wont neglect you in the future. 

this is the paint store at the end of my parents street... if you look closely. the 'paint' spilling out of the can looks suspiciously like an upside down penis.. just saying... 

this is the dutch fountain that is supposed to look like a tulip. i think it looks like 'pengu' holding hands. its pretty insane when someone puts soap in it. 

this is an ariel shot of the harbor. check out the big boat. 

and finally, we call this 'the square' .. as you can see its really an octagon.. and when you drive around it, it feels like a circle.. clearly we all failed geometry. jason has a magnet on his fridge of the square.. which freaked me out the first time i was at his house.. why would a guy in new brunswick have a random magnet of my home town? .. it was originally carissa's so its not like he's a crazy stalker. 

i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which i am NOT looking forward too. do i ever hate the dentist.. im sure hes a nice guy if i gave him a chance, but how could you ever be friends with someone who causes so much pain in your mouth.. 'your gums are bleeding' .. 'no shit, you just stabbed them with metal pokey things.. fuck off already'


ha ha ha.

i heard this song friday night at the bar. im at least 87% sure that it was playing.. failing that it was something VERY similar. 

if you can believe it, bronwen had an AMAZING dance to this song, with this old school ski hat.. remember these???? (not bronwen in the picture.. )

hilarious. also, im done school. yay for me!


just because its worth checking my blog more than once a day..

i want to be BFF's with Andre 3000. 
just look at him. 


holy crap. the day is upon us. FINALLY 
today is the day that i finish college. 
its been an exciting 5 years, but im over it. new brunswick here i come, its been real toronto. ill miss you, and the fabulous people who live here. 
lets get drunk tonite. 
call me, ill be shittered. and a shittered abria is a fun abria. 
i feel this is fitting.


this just in! re: hilarious.

so i just got an email stating the following:  

" Saturday, May 2nd CU PARTY.ca proudly presents 


if you make it out may 2nd, you have the potential to be the next 'Brittany Canada Whore' think of the possibilities. 

for alaina.

lately it seems that the advertisers are producing the most ridiculous commercials that you cant do anything but love the product. first it was the super crazy grow awesome tomatoes that i fell in love with. last night i was introduced to the "bumpit"

here is an official video showcasing the awesomeness that is bumpit. 
dear god. 


guess what i can hear???

thats right, winter is 100% over. YAY!!!

fingers crossed.

i just cant seem to study seriously for the exam i have this afternoon. 
i hope that its the easiest exam ever.. in fact that would make me a very happy girl. 

the thing about this class, is that i cannot think of anything that i 'learned'. which made it hard to study for. the textbook is not like other texts ive been responsible for learning. 

so at 3 please cross your fingers for me, and wish me luck. 


study overload.

someone please make me comprehensive study notes covering (but not limited to):
(1) affirmative action
(2) diversity management
(3) legislation
(4) fair trade
(5) international collaboration
(6) HR paradigms 
(7) diversity management slogans

thanks. i appreciate it. 
your BFF abria.


i love loud talkers.

unfortunately for me, i have many friends who are low talkers. to be completely honest, i dont care much in talking to them on the phone. i have the volume cranked up 100% all the time in a vain effort to hear people who call and mumble softly into the phone. 

this is most evident when other people use my phone, its so crazy loud when your talking to someone normal, or an automated voice prompt or whatever.. which both tend to be the case when someone else uses my phone. they then have to jerk the phone away from their ear, as to not burst their ear drum. its ironic that peoples soft talking is directly responsible for others hearing damage. 

i would also like to announce i that i feel i have super sonic hearing. the tv in my room is normally set on volume 4. thats low. so its not like im deaf and just cant hear whoever's calling. im totally passing the blame. 

i guess what im fishing at is, speak the fuck up when we're on the phone. thanks ~


dear snow.

what the eff?

i thought we were done for the year. i was excited, you were excited. there was lots of excitement. 

why the hell did you decided to come back today? 
its rain's turn, let rain shine.. 

take your vacation. you deserve it. seriously.




so, im sure you've all seen the ads on tv for the new movie "Adventureland"... 
i was pretty excited about it, until i watched the full movie trailer online... 

why is it, that on tv they only play parts of the trailer. if they have full trailers, why not just play the whole thing? really. .. 

here it is, what ruined adventureland for me.

also, happy april :D


its all about worthyness

hello my bloggies!!
(i hope you dont mind that i call you bloggies, but i feel that because i dont know who you are, bloggies will have to do)

there has been nothing really going on in my life that i feel is blog worthy. 

women and worthyness. its an odd thing

so like i said, not to much going on, just working on finishing up school.. 

cant wait to be done. 
yay me!


can you hear me?

today, i feel invisible. 

i think i messaged a total of 10 people this evening and only one person got back to me, and it could have been by fluke. 
how depressing. 

carol (sometimes referred to as "crack head carol" who lives across the hall) was taken away by EMS again tonight, and im certain i heard gun shots mellow down on bleaker street. what an eventful evening in the ghetto. 

there are three A+ movies on right now, south park: bigger longer and uncut, mr. deeds, and caddyshack. so many options only one set of eyes to watch them. 



i want

check this out, 


so last night jason called me, but i was too into jon and kate plus 8 to talk, and promised to call him back as soon as it was over. 
and after it ended i was searching the guide to see what else there was to watch when i came across a new episode of dog the bounty hunter. 

an hour went by before i snapped out of it and realized i was now over an hour late in calling the boyfriend back. shit. 

i think it has a lot to do with beths boobs. they are OUT OF CONTROL.. see for yourself. 

and a picture of the whole gang.. lol