on fire..

holy cow my tongue is on fire. jason bought some complements salt and vinegar chips today, and holy cow are they ever burn-your-tongue-off seasoned. which i find hard to believe. chips are one of those things where i shill out the extra bucks to get the good kind. but i think from now on ill save myself that dollar, because they defiantly are not skimping. other things that i buy the good name brands are : fabric softener, dish soap, toilet paper, soap, and Kleenex. but other than those, oh and ketchup, i buy the cheapest brands. always. long live complements. OH YA, and i only drink diet coke, one day i thought id just try the no name diet cola, bad idea. 

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Anonymous said...

SOOOO..... when do you get internet at your new place??? Can't wait for another abria storyyy...preferrably about moving!..and steve.