up, then down.

thankfully, things worked themselves out between jason and myself. 
the love is still burning strong. 

i feel that if you have enough love, thats all you need. and apparently we have enough. 

after that happy news, im sad to report that we had to put down buddy today. what a great kitty he was. i swear he was part greyhound, and was at least two feet tall, which is tall for a cat. we just couldnt see him suffer anymore. we dont really know what happened to the poor little guy, but he must have caught something that made his body shut down. it happened really fast too, he lost a bunch of weight, and couldnt get his red blood cell count up. this morning he was laying on the couch with me, and his breathing was short little gasps. it was painful to watch him suffer like that, so it was time. 

ill miss you little guy, you were the best cat a girl could ever ask for. rest in peace little bud bud. 

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