happy birthday lisa,

is it just me or is lisa a weird name, and you didnt even know it? 

its my friend lisa's birthday tomorrow, technically for me.. right now. (aug 25) and i went and wrote out the lyrics from the song 'lisa its your birthday' from the simpsons on her FB wall (im a nice friend like that.. always letting my friends know i care)... i had to listen to the song a couple of times to make sure i had it right, and now.. lisa seems like a weird word. 
seriously, say it over and over like 25 times.. its weird right? 
not that i should be saying anything. abria. what a fucked up name right? and the i is silent. abra. weird. 

i think it has more to do with how many times ive typed it, and heard it.. im sure the same thing would be true for a word like... salami. not that lisa is anything like salami.

happy birthday lisa, i hope its a grood* one.

*grood - combination of good and great, great and good. 

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