so, as i promised, here they are!! THE MCWHIRTER LADIES! (pause for 'awww' and 'how cute')

check these little guys out. we've got Taylor Mae on the left and Mariah Lynn on the right. flash forward 14 years, and their father is going to be going nuts. 
best of luck guys! little babies!!


i think i'll go..

yay! it'll be super fun, im sure of it. 
i just love new brunswicks natural beauty. 
i'll be here, if you need me. 

also, a super huge, exciting, congratulation go out to will and carissa, on the birth of their amazing identical twin girls yesterday. 
i'll introduce you bloggies to them once ive met them myself. 
exciting times. 


love love love it..

happy birthday lisa,

is it just me or is lisa a weird name, and you didnt even know it? 

its my friend lisa's birthday tomorrow, technically for me.. right now. (aug 25) and i went and wrote out the lyrics from the song 'lisa its your birthday' from the simpsons on her FB wall (im a nice friend like that.. always letting my friends know i care)... i had to listen to the song a couple of times to make sure i had it right, and now.. lisa seems like a weird word. 
seriously, say it over and over like 25 times.. its weird right? 
not that i should be saying anything. abria. what a fucked up name right? and the i is silent. abra. weird. 

i think it has more to do with how many times ive typed it, and heard it.. im sure the same thing would be true for a word like... salami. not that lisa is anything like salami.

happy birthday lisa, i hope its a grood* one.

*grood - combination of good and great, great and good. 


dating in the dark..

so, my cable line up right now is BEYOND lame. 
its between 'dating in the dark' and a one hour special of jon and kate plus 8 (in the good old days back when they were still together...) of when they went skiing. and ive already sat thru the j&k+8 and i cant afford to loose any more brain cells. 
dating in the dark is the most ridiculous show out there.. now, i missed the beginning but i think that there is these 3 women and 3 men, the women live with the women, and the men live with the men, and they cannot see the opposite sex in the light, but have dates in a dark date room. and they all date each other, and they more or less make out with each other, get jealous then revenge make out with other people. take about spreading the common cold faster than necessary. are they going to like each other when they see each other?? thats the big question. and the answer is, who gives a fuck. these losers who date on tv, just look tacky and lame. 

lame on, lameballs. 

just around the corner..

its so close you can smell it in the air. nasty hockey stuff in a musty bag. its the scent that canadians wait for. 
i really hope jason and i make it to many saint john sea dog games. we've not made it to one yet.. and that makes no sense, because we totally could have been to many by now. but its going down. and not to worry bloggies, ill keep you updated on the whirlwind season im anticipating. eeee. 

also, its looking as if the house is going to go through, (pending an inspection..) and that means i can finally get a kitten. his name will be purr monster. im so excited. i really think steve is looking forward to being a big brother. i hope he doesnt attack the new kitten like he does poor geo, but in the past steve has been good with kittens, so fingers crossed. 

well thats all thats going on in this fog town. 
seacrest out.


new update..

so, bill did bull. 
yep, way to waste a weekend waiting on a storm that never came. 
super. lame. 

but, let me tell you about this song "hey playa".. its great, and the video cracks me up. 
take a gander. 


oh sunny day..

holy moly, has it ever been nice in uptown saint john this last week and a bit. today is sunny and 27, which is pretty much unheard of in this fog ridden city. 
jason and i were going to go camping (we still might, but its not looking that way) at martin head this weekend.. which would mean some ocean front camping.. but hurricane Bill is rolling in and im just not certain that it would be the best idea for us to camp during the tail end of a hurricane. i might get washed into the drink never to grace the earth again, and that my friends would be a tragedy. 

fucking bill.  :(


so yesterday..

jason and i were looking at a house, (we actually really like it, and currently jason is writing up an offer, how exciting!!) and BLAM out of nowhere came these 6 ducks. jason said they came from the neighbours yard. how informative that boy is. 
these ducks were intense, they kept following me around, occasionally quacking and chomping down on grass. 
there was this one duck, he kept trying to eat flies.. i said he'd be a good friend for steve, who also likes to munch on flies. (sick) jason said the fly eating duck was trying to eat a moth, doesnt surprise me. 
i got a video and some pictures of our new duck friends, but i cant get it off my phone and onto my computer. :( so! if you want to see them, you'll have to see me. id be glad to share. 

crazy ducks.. 


wildlife update.

so far, since ive moved to new brunswick i have seen the following wildlife:

- one small, im assuming female moose
- 10 doe deers
- 1 buck
- 1 hawk
- 1 bald eagle
- 1 blue heron 
- cats
- horses
- skunks
- raccoons 
- 1 beaver
- a newt
- 1 big ugly warty toad

there is probably more, but these are the ones that come to mind off hand. we saw one doe and buck the other night. how exciting!!


sun burns.

sometime last week, or the week before i cant quite remember, i got a pretty bad ugly sunburn. i was wearing shorts and a wifebeater, and ended up with some really stupid looking tan lines. 
this kind of thing seems to happen to me at least once a year. last year it was my 'third and fourth nipples' (my bathing suit top had these rings, that left nipple looking tanlines). this year its the thick white strips from my wifebeater. 
jason has been making alot of fun of me because of it. and ive been trying to get rid of it, which here is hard to do because i can count the number of nice days on one hand. 
but thank the lord, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. we went to the beach and i couldnt have been happier. today was also nice out, so i lounged it up in the backyard hoping that my efforts will pay off. and they are for the most part. i think two or three more days out, and it will be evened out. YAY!


guess what im doing this weekend!!

im going to the big flea market in sussex!! we're only going tonite, ( i think.. i dont know for sure. lately conversation with jason is hard.. we talk when im half asleep, or when he's half asleep, so i can never be too too sure of anything ) 

im looking to buy a stationary bike, and a N64 - with bond, mario kart, zelda, and donkey kong. 

wish me luck!!


i forgot..

but i LOVE this song. bran van 3000 forever. 

so, i fell off the earth.

... and for that i am sorry.. 

hi bloggies. 
how are you all today? well, i hope you are all... very well. ( i was going to say 'totally fabulous' but felt it would be funnier, and granny-er to say very well.)
what is going on with me? you ask?
well i think i can see the light at the end of the most epic job hunt ever to be had by anyone, anywhere, ever. honestly.. i started looking for a job in FOG-TOWN USA in may.. its now august.. and ive only ever heard back from four people i applied for. --ouch-- but after three interviews, they called me to tell me they were going to be checking my references and i should know by early next week. yay! (my spellcheck says thats wrong.. it suggests ay, and yet.. epic fail spellcheck) but seriously, it will be nice to have some money in the bank, and to get things going on paying back some of these school debts. 
also, today i got in the mail my save.ca coupons! basically save.ca lists all kinds of coupons for stuff in your area, you click which ones you want, and they mail them too you. pretty sweet. save $1 on gain fabric softener.. yes please! so check that out for some awesome savings. 
today i found kimbra's (my sister's) youtube channel. it was so funny i shot the fruit juice i was drinking though my nose. pretty fuuny, here's the url http://www.youtube.com/user/lovekimbra 
that is all. for now. 


the most annoying thing ever..

jason coming home from work, waking me up, falling asleep.. then snoring like a banshee. to the point that i have to get up and leave the room. 
who needs an alarm clock when your boyfriend works nites? no one. 

.. at least not this girl.