new headline..

the picture i used to create my banner today is from this website.. its titled 'lucky shot'. i'd have to agree.

hi. how are you? hopefully great. me? well i think i'm getting a cold.. and man oh man it sucks. luckily for me.. two different people have offered me Neo Citroen.. so i'll make it. no worries.

my friend janet left today for australia.. crazy. but good for her. i can't wait to hear all of the adventures she's going to have.

peace out.


day off.. once in a blue moon..

hello blog world.

i have a day off today.. imagine that!
although it hasn't felt like a day off.
i cleaned the kitchen, the bedroom, and have a lot of laundry on the go.

i also headed in to town to 'losers' to pick up this christmas BBQ gift basket that i've been keeping an eye on since we got it.. i didn't get it before now, because today is the start of 70% off leftover christmas stuff day.. why pay 100$ when you could get the same thing for 30$?? anyway. i get there.. and guess what? someone is standing in the check out line with it..
of course. thats my luck.

oh well. it wasnt meant to be.

have a frosty lucky day everyone.


happy 2 0 1 0

.. yikes.
its been a while.. sorry man.
its been crazy at work.. but the end of crazyness is near.. so i'll be alright.
quit worrying.

just thought id wish the world a happy new year.
the best to you and yours.