whats up??

im having a girls nite out tonite!! and man oh man is it going to be a good time. its been a while in the making, but the day is finally upon us. it feels like forever since ive gotten ready to go out with a bunch of friends. (or going out in general). it used to be a weekly event. i miss the days of predrinking the bar with 50/50 vodka-redbull with sabrina on wednesdays and fridays. everyone needs a weekly douce of cougars, and 80s hits.. really. getting ready for the bar with a friend is always better then a solo mission, because there is someone to tell you, you look like a fricken idiot. those terribly dressed, makeup everywhere, hair a mess girls.. they got ready alone. that would never happen in a team situation. because as we all know, a team is only as strong as the weakest link. i hope you're all having a super fly weekend!!

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