uh oh..

im fairly certain that the world is coming to an end. how do i know? well on the drive home, from the worst service ever at 'west side luigis', justin bieber was on TWO radio stations at the same time. in my opinion there was no point in time that this little kid from stratford ontario should have become famous. and i could have lived the rest of my life without his single being on TWO radio stations at the exact same time. balls. it ruined my night. 

(ya, gangster it up you fricken idiot)
back to the bad service at dinner. it was so bad that i felt the need to mention it in my blog, so you know it was a bad bad time. we were there for about an hour before they even took our order. (and we wernt going to leave, because we had a gift certificate) and jason was out of a drink for probably 45 mins. 
note to the general public:: do not go to previously mentioned restaurant in saint john, nb. because you will get mad, and not tip your server. and if you're anything like jay or i, you will feel like a douche, but it was more than necessary. 

seacrest out. 

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