reporting live...

... from saint john, new brunswick.

so i made it, in one piece.. 
the move itself wasnt too too bad all things considered. we did the drive over two days which is hands down much less stressful then trying to do it all at once. 
we stopped in cornwall for the night at a very nice place, and then took off through quebec early the next day. Denis (my car) rolled over 200,000km just outside saint louis de haha... the name of that town still cracks me up, and ive been by it many times now. 

the following is a list of wildlife i had the pleasure to see as we sped along the highway: 8 deer, 1 moose, 1 hawk, 1 beaver, 2 cats, 1 dead groundhog, 1 live groundhog, 1 dead turtle, several cows, several horses.. by far the moose was the most exciting. yay!

also when were in quebec we had to stop so i could pee, and jason and my dad were telling me that some poor man in the bathroom was having a 'bad time' in the stall, and that he had some wet gas.. eewww.

we're finally settled into the apartment, and jason got the news that he's going to be working nights, working to refurbish a sobeys store.. GREAT, not. 

im steadily looking for jobs, and hope that something comes along soon. 

well i guess this update is lacking, but its better than nothing. 

so until im creative..
over and out blog-o-sphere. 

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