lets chat music.

.. recently ive come across, and fallen in love with KiD CuDi.. like really, hes pretty amazeballs.. like really, i generally find that artists like this have one or at most two songs that i like. but let me tell you, the hole CD is solid. A++ R&B artist. 


super exciting wednesday!!!

im having a dog the bounty hunter marathon nite. to be honest i think im just in a trance because of beth's boobs, its like a lava lamp.

also, i rolled jason and my small change tonite. guess how much we had? $54 and some change. nut balls. abria's recession tip #14: roll your change yo. 



this year i decided i was going to try to grow some plants. 
so far, this is what has happened. 

(pink flowering bush)

(our love plant, basil)

(chives in a bucket)

(italian parsley)

(cayenne peppers)


(steve's kitty nip)


(cherry tomatoes)

(cucumber bush)


O M G !

total amazingness 

my favorite podcast.

so, my all time favorite radio morning show is the dean blundell show. it is pee your pants hilarious. they never let me down, and its awesome. 
the sad part is that now i don't live in toronto, and cant get the show locally, but on the edge 102.1 website you can stream the show live. OR you can subscribe to their podcast, assuming you have iTunes (and who doesnt these days), its free!

listen live (click on the 'listen live' icon at the top), download the podcast (you wont regret it)

i love adrian 


dont be like these guys,

and air your dirty laundry online. 
.. what losers, fighting via twitter.

lame. (click the picture to make it bigger)


i love it.

i'll buy what you're selling reeses peanut butter man. 

i love this commercial!