guess where i am?

thats right, im in Goderich.. 
the lighthouse, i normally forget it on the town tour, which i shouldnt its pretty badass in reality. sorry lighthouse i wont neglect you in the future. 

this is the paint store at the end of my parents street... if you look closely. the 'paint' spilling out of the can looks suspiciously like an upside down penis.. just saying... 

this is the dutch fountain that is supposed to look like a tulip. i think it looks like 'pengu' holding hands. its pretty insane when someone puts soap in it. 

this is an ariel shot of the harbor. check out the big boat. 

and finally, we call this 'the square' .. as you can see its really an octagon.. and when you drive around it, it feels like a circle.. clearly we all failed geometry. jason has a magnet on his fridge of the square.. which freaked me out the first time i was at his house.. why would a guy in new brunswick have a random magnet of my home town? .. it was originally carissa's so its not like he's a crazy stalker. 

i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which i am NOT looking forward too. do i ever hate the dentist.. im sure hes a nice guy if i gave him a chance, but how could you ever be friends with someone who causes so much pain in your mouth.. 'your gums are bleeding' .. 'no shit, you just stabbed them with metal pokey things.. fuck off already'


Allison Road said...

How long are you gonna be in G-rock? and I hate the Dentist too. My friend April used to get really nervous when she went and said she felt like she had to pee the whole time.

abria said...

ill be here until friday.
because i have to get a filling ... EEEEP!