i actually miss the maritimes.
i love home.. but i miss the maritimes.


open letter..

dear mz thang..

i want to personally thank you for shitting all over my public bathroom at work this afternoon. id like to take this opportunity to tell you that you should probably never eat the poor grade fast food you had for lunch again. your body is not absorbing the meat like substance they use in their '"beef" patties. i think that's where your problem began today. a word to for the wise.. if your guts feel like they are going to fall out of your abdomen, you should head for home; not to a retail outlet where you find fabulous for less. and if for whatever reason you find ourself out shopping, and can only make it to the store bathroom, make sure your ass has full contact with the toilet seat.

it was not a fun afternoon for me, when i realized that the pure stench coming from the bathroom was nothing more than raw human waste all over the toilet, wall and floor. i could tell you tried to clean it up a little. but lets be real.. you and i both know, you'd only get a 3 out of 10.

i hope you got shit all over your underwear, pants, and shoes. and i hope that you had to get straight to something important.. a place where everyone there was like "hmm.. what is that disgusting smell..? it reminds me of an outhouse, or rotting roadkill baking on a hot day.. that couldn't really be her could it? she wouldn't smell like a 3 month old soiled baby diaper.. ?? what. is. that. SMELL?!!?"


abria | superwoman


slow and snotty death..

i called in half sick to work today. in truth i am 100% sick, but too much work to be done will not allow for that. responsibility sucks. and by sick. i mean allergic.

ive been trying the traditional methods to make myself feel better. sinutab, clariten, dristan, vicks, benadrill.. all to no avail. so now im on to spicy foods to try to clear out my sinus. spicy Jamaican beef paties is getting further than my pill cocktail, and it makes me less drowsy.

clearly, steve is upset.


ive been feelin' this..

passion pit.
you may recognize this one.. it was in some national ad campaign.. i dont remember for what product.. but i do remember hearing it, and insisting i know what band it was. enjoy.


bad day cure..

today was one of the worst days ive had in a long long long time.

this helped...


Friday Mornings @ 11:11..

So this morning while waiting for time to pass before I have to leave for work, I decided that the people on maury were wayy to white trash for me to be part of the viewing audience, and cribs was a repeat so I flipped on the the end of the Dean Blundell show to catch the end, secretly hoping the Adrian Abrantes would be on.. ( he wasn't). The show ended and I was not paying attention, off surfing the far ends of the internet (the free ads on kijiji) and the next radio show started. I defiantly have drifted away from 102.1 The Edge because I don't like all of the songs they play, actually I almost stopped listing to the Dean Blundell show because Adrian wasn't on anymore and I just find him so hilarious.
The song that came on, BLEW MY MIND.

It doesn't really surprise me that I like this song, because I really like "Long Distance Call" by Phoenix. ANNNDDD The Phoenix used to be one of my all time favorite bars ever.. back in the good old days.


sup yo??

so the other day, i was going to post this super amazing most ultimate cat fight ever video.. but it wouldn't load. maybe it didn't load due to my lack of patience , but maybe it didn't load because it was being very very slow, with no real intention of loading. ever. but seriously i waited an hour. then i couldn't wait anymore. so it wasn't meant to be. but seriously, it was pretty hardcore. steve was all pissed because tom was trying to eat his catnip, and steve wasn't done rolling around in it. i guess you had to be here to really appreciate it.

sorry internet, i fail you again.

so i bought two eyeshadow pallets from costalscents.com and i'm pleased to announce that i'm very happy with the purchase. i had pretty fast shipping and oh my lord are the eyeshadows ever pigmented. well worth the money. i got the warm 88 pallet and the 88 color pallet. check it out www.coastalscents.com



thanks bott..

this is exactly the kinds of thoughts that keep me up at night...



im still in a good mood from watching 'i believe in a thing called love'. amazeballs.

something im less pumped for is the fact that its saturday night and im sitting at home alone. and it wouldnt be so bad if there was something good on tv. but really. ive got nothing to work with.

i just got finished watching 'couples retreat' . the resort they are staying at is in Bora Bora in Tahiti. its $1500 a night. but oh so beautiful. each room is a private little hut, built on stilts in the most gorgeous blue lagoon. there are windows in the floor where you can watch tropical fish swimming under the floor. lovely. the movie plot however, was lousy and i ended up zoning out googleing the resort.



new headline..

the picture i used to create my banner today is from this website.. its titled 'lucky shot'. i'd have to agree.

hi. how are you? hopefully great. me? well i think i'm getting a cold.. and man oh man it sucks. luckily for me.. two different people have offered me Neo Citroen.. so i'll make it. no worries.

my friend janet left today for australia.. crazy. but good for her. i can't wait to hear all of the adventures she's going to have.

peace out.


day off.. once in a blue moon..

hello blog world.

i have a day off today.. imagine that!
although it hasn't felt like a day off.
i cleaned the kitchen, the bedroom, and have a lot of laundry on the go.

i also headed in to town to 'losers' to pick up this christmas BBQ gift basket that i've been keeping an eye on since we got it.. i didn't get it before now, because today is the start of 70% off leftover christmas stuff day.. why pay 100$ when you could get the same thing for 30$?? anyway. i get there.. and guess what? someone is standing in the check out line with it..
of course. thats my luck.

oh well. it wasnt meant to be.

have a frosty lucky day everyone.


happy 2 0 1 0

.. yikes.
its been a while.. sorry man.
its been crazy at work.. but the end of crazyness is near.. so i'll be alright.
quit worrying.

just thought id wish the world a happy new year.
the best to you and yours.