just around the corner..

its so close you can smell it in the air. nasty hockey stuff in a musty bag. its the scent that canadians wait for. 
i really hope jason and i make it to many saint john sea dog games. we've not made it to one yet.. and that makes no sense, because we totally could have been to many by now. but its going down. and not to worry bloggies, ill keep you updated on the whirlwind season im anticipating. eeee. 

also, its looking as if the house is going to go through, (pending an inspection..) and that means i can finally get a kitten. his name will be purr monster. im so excited. i really think steve is looking forward to being a big brother. i hope he doesnt attack the new kitten like he does poor geo, but in the past steve has been good with kittens, so fingers crossed. 

well thats all thats going on in this fog town. 
seacrest out.

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D. said...

hahaha @ ur kitten being named purr monster! hahaha

i named my dog Dude, because thats the first thing i said when i saw his cute little face. lol