guess where i am?

thats right, im in Goderich.. 
the lighthouse, i normally forget it on the town tour, which i shouldnt its pretty badass in reality. sorry lighthouse i wont neglect you in the future. 

this is the paint store at the end of my parents street... if you look closely. the 'paint' spilling out of the can looks suspiciously like an upside down penis.. just saying... 

this is the dutch fountain that is supposed to look like a tulip. i think it looks like 'pengu' holding hands. its pretty insane when someone puts soap in it. 

this is an ariel shot of the harbor. check out the big boat. 

and finally, we call this 'the square' .. as you can see its really an octagon.. and when you drive around it, it feels like a circle.. clearly we all failed geometry. jason has a magnet on his fridge of the square.. which freaked me out the first time i was at his house.. why would a guy in new brunswick have a random magnet of my home town? .. it was originally carissa's so its not like he's a crazy stalker. 

i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which i am NOT looking forward too. do i ever hate the dentist.. im sure hes a nice guy if i gave him a chance, but how could you ever be friends with someone who causes so much pain in your mouth.. 'your gums are bleeding' .. 'no shit, you just stabbed them with metal pokey things.. fuck off already'


ha ha ha.

i heard this song friday night at the bar. im at least 87% sure that it was playing.. failing that it was something VERY similar. 

if you can believe it, bronwen had an AMAZING dance to this song, with this old school ski hat.. remember these???? (not bronwen in the picture.. )

hilarious. also, im done school. yay for me!


just because its worth checking my blog more than once a day..

i want to be BFF's with Andre 3000. 
just look at him. 


holy crap. the day is upon us. FINALLY 
today is the day that i finish college. 
its been an exciting 5 years, but im over it. new brunswick here i come, its been real toronto. ill miss you, and the fabulous people who live here. 
lets get drunk tonite. 
call me, ill be shittered. and a shittered abria is a fun abria. 
i feel this is fitting.


this just in! re: hilarious.

so i just got an email stating the following:  

" Saturday, May 2nd CU PARTY.ca proudly presents 


if you make it out may 2nd, you have the potential to be the next 'Brittany Canada Whore' think of the possibilities. 

for alaina.

lately it seems that the advertisers are producing the most ridiculous commercials that you cant do anything but love the product. first it was the super crazy grow awesome tomatoes that i fell in love with. last night i was introduced to the "bumpit"

here is an official video showcasing the awesomeness that is bumpit. 
dear god. 


guess what i can hear???

thats right, winter is 100% over. YAY!!!

fingers crossed.

i just cant seem to study seriously for the exam i have this afternoon. 
i hope that its the easiest exam ever.. in fact that would make me a very happy girl. 

the thing about this class, is that i cannot think of anything that i 'learned'. which made it hard to study for. the textbook is not like other texts ive been responsible for learning. 

so at 3 please cross your fingers for me, and wish me luck. 


study overload.

someone please make me comprehensive study notes covering (but not limited to):
(1) affirmative action
(2) diversity management
(3) legislation
(4) fair trade
(5) international collaboration
(6) HR paradigms 
(7) diversity management slogans

thanks. i appreciate it. 
your BFF abria.


i love loud talkers.

unfortunately for me, i have many friends who are low talkers. to be completely honest, i dont care much in talking to them on the phone. i have the volume cranked up 100% all the time in a vain effort to hear people who call and mumble softly into the phone. 

this is most evident when other people use my phone, its so crazy loud when your talking to someone normal, or an automated voice prompt or whatever.. which both tend to be the case when someone else uses my phone. they then have to jerk the phone away from their ear, as to not burst their ear drum. its ironic that peoples soft talking is directly responsible for others hearing damage. 

i would also like to announce i that i feel i have super sonic hearing. the tv in my room is normally set on volume 4. thats low. so its not like im deaf and just cant hear whoever's calling. im totally passing the blame. 

i guess what im fishing at is, speak the fuck up when we're on the phone. thanks ~


dear snow.

what the eff?

i thought we were done for the year. i was excited, you were excited. there was lots of excitement. 

why the hell did you decided to come back today? 
its rain's turn, let rain shine.. 

take your vacation. you deserve it. seriously.




so, im sure you've all seen the ads on tv for the new movie "Adventureland"... 
i was pretty excited about it, until i watched the full movie trailer online... 

why is it, that on tv they only play parts of the trailer. if they have full trailers, why not just play the whole thing? really. .. 

here it is, what ruined adventureland for me.

also, happy april :D