bed time..

so my last blog was all about how im so excited for all the new seasons to start up! (i really am) but that also means that the summer shows are having their season finales. ive been watching (guiltily) "more to love" all summer. i still am not sure if i like it, or if its just on. but either way. tonite im crazy exhausted from work, and have to get up early and go in tomorrow, but i cant tear myself away from the ending. my eyes are starting to droop shut, but im going to stick it out the last 20 minuets, because i really really want to know. im rooting tali, melissa can suck it. common, speed it up. 

UPDATE: luke told melissa she's not the one, then he had what looked like a meltdown, after that, luke told tali she's the one, and i went to bed. 

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