hi everyone. 

i promised a re-cap of my birthday's events.. but to be totally honest, nothing very note worthy happened. jason and i went to buy some cans of diet coke (ive been suffering with bottles.. i hate it when the big box stores only offer sales on fricken bottles.. how can i justify paying $5+ for 12 cans, when i can get 3 2L bottles for $5 or less? i cant, and it sucks).
after our diet coke adventure (we also picked up some mustard, and conditioner for my hair.. super exciting huh?) we went to subway for lunch. 
this year i had a hard time making up my mind for what i wanted for a present. i was torn between a new digital camera, or new birkenstocks. and i still havent made a decision. 
anyway. i want to know, what are you listening too these days.. 
what are your favorite songs?? 
let me know!!!

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