so yesterday..

jason and i were looking at a house, (we actually really like it, and currently jason is writing up an offer, how exciting!!) and BLAM out of nowhere came these 6 ducks. jason said they came from the neighbours yard. how informative that boy is. 
these ducks were intense, they kept following me around, occasionally quacking and chomping down on grass. 
there was this one duck, he kept trying to eat flies.. i said he'd be a good friend for steve, who also likes to munch on flies. (sick) jason said the fly eating duck was trying to eat a moth, doesnt surprise me. 
i got a video and some pictures of our new duck friends, but i cant get it off my phone and onto my computer. :( so! if you want to see them, you'll have to see me. id be glad to share. 

crazy ducks.. 

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