it happened.

.. so i finally got a twitter account. 
disgusting.. i know. no need to worry, im disappointed in myself.. but these times, they are a-changing. 
you can follow me at www.twitter.com/itsabria
well now that thats out of the way. 
steve is having a playdate with his cousin geo.. more like super-fight.
see for yourself.
(geo is the one on his back)
now taking bets on who will win round two... 

kitty kitty

this little guy is Steve French. im his mom, jason is his dad. somedays he's a good boy, other days he's a little shit. here kitty kitty.
p.s. what's with all these 'celebrities' dropping dead? (i put it in quotes, because they jury is still out on billy mays' celebrity status)



hi everyone. 

i promised a re-cap of my birthday's events.. but to be totally honest, nothing very note worthy happened. jason and i went to buy some cans of diet coke (ive been suffering with bottles.. i hate it when the big box stores only offer sales on fricken bottles.. how can i justify paying $5+ for 12 cans, when i can get 3 2L bottles for $5 or less? i cant, and it sucks).
after our diet coke adventure (we also picked up some mustard, and conditioner for my hair.. super exciting huh?) we went to subway for lunch. 
this year i had a hard time making up my mind for what i wanted for a present. i was torn between a new digital camera, or new birkenstocks. and i still havent made a decision. 
anyway. i want to know, what are you listening too these days.. 
what are your favorite songs?? 
let me know!!!


jon and kate


but i dont need to tell you, you watched too. 

first and best birthday present.

so, today is my birthday, 

i got up so jason could have the bed to himself and made myself the most delicious breakfast ever. 

now the best coincidence ever happened.. my all time favorite episode of trailer park boys is on.. "i fuckin miss corey and trevor". yay!

ill provide a full re-cap of the days events tomorrow. 

happy 24.


let me tell you about...

.. reversing falls!!!
The phenomenon of the Reversing Falls is caused by the tremendous rise and fall of the tides of the Bay of Fundy, which are the highest in the world. The natural southward-facing opening of the Bay of Fundy receives the on rushing ocean tides directly like a funnel. The tidewater is normal when it enters the bay at its widest point. But the farther up the bay it travels the more it changes. It is, in effect, squeezed by the ever-narrowing sides and the constant shallowing of the bottom forcing the water higher up the shores. The low tide running out of the bay collides with the new, incoming high tide, combining forces to make a higher wave coming in. The combination of wave forces is called resonance.
The Bay of Fundy tides are a result of the tidal action originating in the Southern Indian Ocean sweeping around the Cape of Good Hope and then northward into the Bay of Fundy. They are also affected by the distance of the moon from the earth at this longitude. Here in Saint John, the bay tides rise 28 ½ feet. When the tide is low, the St. John River, 450 miles long, empties into the bay. Between Fallsview Park and the Pulp Mill, the full flow of the river thunders through a narrow gorge. An underwater ledge, 36 feet below the surface causes the water in the river to tumble downward into a 175-200 foot deep pool. Below the mill and under the bridge. The water then boils in a series of rapids and whirlpools.
As the bay tides begin to rise, they slow the course of the river and finally stop the river's flow completely. This short period of complete calm is called slack tide. It is only at this time that boats are able to navigate the Falls. Shortly after this slack tide the bay tides become higher than the river level and slowly, at first, the river begins to flow upstream. As the bay tides continue to rise, the reverse flow gradually increases and the rapids begin to form, reaching their peak at high tide. The effect of this reversal is felt upstream as far as Fredericton, more than 80 miles inland. At this point the tidal waters are actually 14 ½ feet higher than the river.
After high tide the bay tides begin to fall and the upstream flow of the river gradually lowers until the bay tides fall to the level of the river - once again resulting in another slack tide. The river then resumes its normal course and begins to flow back out of the bay. The bay tides continue to fall below the level of the river until at low tide the rapids are again at their peak, flowing down stream. At this point the tidal waters are 14 ½ feet lower than the river level.
The tide rises and falls once about every 12 and a half hours. To best appreciate the Reversing Falls, you should try to view them at least twice on a given day - near low tide and near high tide. A good water level vantage point from which to view the Falls is Fallsview Park, not far from the Reversing Falls Information Centre. A twelve-minute film presentation explaining the phenomenon of the Reversing Falls, and highlighting various attractions in the Saint John area, can be viewed in the Reversing Falls Roof Top Theatre on the observation deck. A small admission charge applies to view the film. [SOURCE]
pretty much the WORST tourist attraction in the world, because it would be hard for someone that doesnt live here, to predict the tides, to be able to view both high and low tides. 
good golly.
(Reversing Falls, Low Tide | NOTE* the disgusting grey sky)


two dozen.

so, my birthday is coming up... the big 2-4. two dozen years old. yikes. also on my beeday alaina departs for jolly old europe. im so excited for her, (HAVE A GREAT TIME ALAINA, ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!)
i dont know if jason has anything in mind for my birthday, hes been working nights for the last week and a half, and i think its starting to melt his brain.. literally. tonight we had to drop off his work-truck and pick up some rolliecart thing, and his boss said he looked wrecked. but anyway what i was getting at is that i dont think hes had much time to think about what hes going to do. i had told him that i thought it would be nice to rent a cottage and have a nice romantic weekend away, but that is a no go. i think we're going to go camping instead. 
we bought a new tent this year so hopefully there will be room for our shoes in the tent this year, and a bigger air mattress. seriously, last year was ridiculous.. both of us fighting over space on a single air mattress. jokes. 
"year one" comes out friday and id like to go see that, hopefully that gets worked in somewhere this weekend. fingers crossed.

also a gardening update: jason and i are the proud owners of the following plants (and so far they're all doing fabulous.. despite the crap ball saint john weather.. that has actually been half nice lately) :: one basil plant, one dill plant, one rosemary plant, one italian parsley plant, two tiny tim tomato plants, one hot pepper plant, one cucumber bush, and one strawberry plant - that is doing quite well may i add. 

thats all ive got, kind of an all over the place blog i know.. but its better than nothing. 


domestic diva.

so my job search is going, with little to no response from the employers of this fog ridden city, so to help keep me busy while jason is working nights, i decided to try to recreate his grandmothers "monster cookies". 

i didnt realize it while i was writing out the recipe, that the batch i was making would be enough to feed an entire army for 6 years. 
despite the mass quantity they turned out great. yumm.


reporting live...

... from saint john, new brunswick.

so i made it, in one piece.. 
the move itself wasnt too too bad all things considered. we did the drive over two days which is hands down much less stressful then trying to do it all at once. 
we stopped in cornwall for the night at a very nice place, and then took off through quebec early the next day. Denis (my car) rolled over 200,000km just outside saint louis de haha... the name of that town still cracks me up, and ive been by it many times now. 

the following is a list of wildlife i had the pleasure to see as we sped along the highway: 8 deer, 1 moose, 1 hawk, 1 beaver, 2 cats, 1 dead groundhog, 1 live groundhog, 1 dead turtle, several cows, several horses.. by far the moose was the most exciting. yay!

also when were in quebec we had to stop so i could pee, and jason and my dad were telling me that some poor man in the bathroom was having a 'bad time' in the stall, and that he had some wet gas.. eewww.

we're finally settled into the apartment, and jason got the news that he's going to be working nights, working to refurbish a sobeys store.. GREAT, not. 

im steadily looking for jobs, and hope that something comes along soon. 

well i guess this update is lacking, but its better than nothing. 

so until im creative..
over and out blog-o-sphere.