two dozen.

so, my birthday is coming up... the big 2-4. two dozen years old. yikes. also on my beeday alaina departs for jolly old europe. im so excited for her, (HAVE A GREAT TIME ALAINA, ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!)
i dont know if jason has anything in mind for my birthday, hes been working nights for the last week and a half, and i think its starting to melt his brain.. literally. tonight we had to drop off his work-truck and pick up some rolliecart thing, and his boss said he looked wrecked. but anyway what i was getting at is that i dont think hes had much time to think about what hes going to do. i had told him that i thought it would be nice to rent a cottage and have a nice romantic weekend away, but that is a no go. i think we're going to go camping instead. 
we bought a new tent this year so hopefully there will be room for our shoes in the tent this year, and a bigger air mattress. seriously, last year was ridiculous.. both of us fighting over space on a single air mattress. jokes. 
"year one" comes out friday and id like to go see that, hopefully that gets worked in somewhere this weekend. fingers crossed.

also a gardening update: jason and i are the proud owners of the following plants (and so far they're all doing fabulous.. despite the crap ball saint john weather.. that has actually been half nice lately) :: one basil plant, one dill plant, one rosemary plant, one italian parsley plant, two tiny tim tomato plants, one hot pepper plant, one cucumber bush, and one strawberry plant - that is doing quite well may i add. 

thats all ive got, kind of an all over the place blog i know.. but its better than nothing. 

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