sun burns.

sometime last week, or the week before i cant quite remember, i got a pretty bad ugly sunburn. i was wearing shorts and a wifebeater, and ended up with some really stupid looking tan lines. 
this kind of thing seems to happen to me at least once a year. last year it was my 'third and fourth nipples' (my bathing suit top had these rings, that left nipple looking tanlines). this year its the thick white strips from my wifebeater. 
jason has been making alot of fun of me because of it. and ive been trying to get rid of it, which here is hard to do because i can count the number of nice days on one hand. 
but thank the lord, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. we went to the beach and i couldnt have been happier. today was also nice out, so i lounged it up in the backyard hoping that my efforts will pay off. and they are for the most part. i think two or three more days out, and it will be evened out. YAY!

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