sup yo??

so the other day, i was going to post this super amazing most ultimate cat fight ever video.. but it wouldn't load. maybe it didn't load due to my lack of patience , but maybe it didn't load because it was being very very slow, with no real intention of loading. ever. but seriously i waited an hour. then i couldn't wait anymore. so it wasn't meant to be. but seriously, it was pretty hardcore. steve was all pissed because tom was trying to eat his catnip, and steve wasn't done rolling around in it. i guess you had to be here to really appreciate it.

sorry internet, i fail you again.

so i bought two eyeshadow pallets from costalscents.com and i'm pleased to announce that i'm very happy with the purchase. i had pretty fast shipping and oh my lord are the eyeshadows ever pigmented. well worth the money. i got the warm 88 pallet and the 88 color pallet. check it out www.coastalscents.com