i love loud talkers.

unfortunately for me, i have many friends who are low talkers. to be completely honest, i dont care much in talking to them on the phone. i have the volume cranked up 100% all the time in a vain effort to hear people who call and mumble softly into the phone. 

this is most evident when other people use my phone, its so crazy loud when your talking to someone normal, or an automated voice prompt or whatever.. which both tend to be the case when someone else uses my phone. they then have to jerk the phone away from their ear, as to not burst their ear drum. its ironic that peoples soft talking is directly responsible for others hearing damage. 

i would also like to announce i that i feel i have super sonic hearing. the tv in my room is normally set on volume 4. thats low. so its not like im deaf and just cant hear whoever's calling. im totally passing the blame. 

i guess what im fishing at is, speak the fuck up when we're on the phone. thanks ~

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