so, i fell off the earth.

... and for that i am sorry.. 

hi bloggies. 
how are you all today? well, i hope you are all... very well. ( i was going to say 'totally fabulous' but felt it would be funnier, and granny-er to say very well.)
what is going on with me? you ask?
well i think i can see the light at the end of the most epic job hunt ever to be had by anyone, anywhere, ever. honestly.. i started looking for a job in FOG-TOWN USA in may.. its now august.. and ive only ever heard back from four people i applied for. --ouch-- but after three interviews, they called me to tell me they were going to be checking my references and i should know by early next week. yay! (my spellcheck says thats wrong.. it suggests ay, and yet.. epic fail spellcheck) but seriously, it will be nice to have some money in the bank, and to get things going on paying back some of these school debts. 
also, today i got in the mail my save.ca coupons! basically save.ca lists all kinds of coupons for stuff in your area, you click which ones you want, and they mail them too you. pretty sweet. save $1 on gain fabric softener.. yes please! so check that out for some awesome savings. 
today i found kimbra's (my sister's) youtube channel. it was so funny i shot the fruit juice i was drinking though my nose. pretty fuuny, here's the url http://www.youtube.com/user/lovekimbra 
that is all. for now. 

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