guess what im doing this weekend!!

im going to the big flea market in sussex!! we're only going tonite, ( i think.. i dont know for sure. lately conversation with jason is hard.. we talk when im half asleep, or when he's half asleep, so i can never be too too sure of anything ) 

im looking to buy a stationary bike, and a N64 - with bond, mario kart, zelda, and donkey kong. 

wish me luck!!


Kimbra said...

mario kart for n64 is just boring. but zelda is good. i'd try and get both. just because we never owned majora's mask. a new adventure and all that stuff. besides, you get to turn into a zora and play a fishbone guitar.

Kimbra said...

OOO! and you should try and find snowboard kids.
that game was boss.

abria said...

the N64s were out of control in price. theres no way i was going to pay $30 for the system, then 10-25$ per game. no thankyou.

maybe next year tho.

Kimbra said...

shame. i still have an N64. whatever happened the the NES? you took it and it disappered. sad. well, i'm taking the wii, so suck on that bronzeo.

abria said...

i have the NES here. its alive and well.
id say it gets played more than the 360.