catch up..

holy geeze.
the things that happen when you dont have internet for a week..

updates, updates, updates.

well we moved. into the house. i couldnt be happier. we actually have space to put all our stuff.. its nice. in fact, the place is so big, we need to get a bigger tv. it's just not cutting it in this room. ironically funny thing: the washer here also sucks, hard. pretty much the same problem as what was stressing me out at the apartment (before eric fixed it) happened here.. then it just kicked the bucket altogether. lame.

we got a new kitty. his name is tom. mainly because there are just so many tom's out there.. i have endless name-add-ons to make him more exciting. TomCat, tommy boy, stompin' tom, tom collins, and most recently, tooty tom.

also, steve got really sick two or three days ago. it was scary. but never fear, he's on the mends.

(a picture of tom, mid-head shake)


Anonymous said...

i think you should simply name him tom. we used to have a tom cat, and his name was tom.

I want to come out for the 11(eve) to the sunday... i was thinking. Im checking out prices, and they keep jumping up and down-- let me know when is good for you!!!

abria said...

i have a feeling that that week-weekend may be ok. the worst of it will only be that i wont be around for 9 hours a day. [worst case]. ill know for sure next week. ill call you.