on fire..

holy cow my tongue is on fire. jason bought some complements salt and vinegar chips today, and holy cow are they ever burn-your-tongue-off seasoned. which i find hard to believe. chips are one of those things where i shill out the extra bucks to get the good kind. but i think from now on ill save myself that dollar, because they defiantly are not skimping. other things that i buy the good name brands are : fabric softener, dish soap, toilet paper, soap, and Kleenex. but other than those, oh and ketchup, i buy the cheapest brands. always. long live complements. OH YA, and i only drink diet coke, one day i thought id just try the no name diet cola, bad idea. 

september 25th..

oh ya, not only do i have the day off work!! but count down to liquor day is on.. 




i feel like my brain may have melted and ran out of my ear. 
(this is how i feel right now)


pure 80s..

i swear this song is on the rock radio station here at least twice a day. im not even kidding. 

pure amazeballs. 


holy moly..

ive been slacking in the blogging department lately. sorry. 
ive just been trying to adjust to the working life. is it ever hard to go from not working at all, to BLAMO fulltime! but i think ive got it down now. today after work i actually had the energy to tackle some household chores.. lame sauce. we had grown this mountain of laundry, and it needed to be done. and guess what? it is now. yay abria! 
its on my cleaning soundtrack. lots of work to be done. 


bed time..

so my last blog was all about how im so excited for all the new seasons to start up! (i really am) but that also means that the summer shows are having their season finales. ive been watching (guiltily) "more to love" all summer. i still am not sure if i like it, or if its just on. but either way. tonite im crazy exhausted from work, and have to get up early and go in tomorrow, but i cant tear myself away from the ending. my eyes are starting to droop shut, but im going to stick it out the last 20 minuets, because i really really want to know. im rooting tali, melissa can suck it. common, speed it up. 

UPDATE: luke told melissa she's not the one, then he had what looked like a meltdown, after that, luke told tali she's the one, and i went to bed. 



so FINALLY this week is upon us!! ive been waiting all summer. this is the week that all the good shows start up their new seasons!!! yay!!! 

i have to say, im most excited for the office to start again. remember? jim and pam are preggers. michael decided to continue to love holly from afar.. and who knows what else crazyness is going to go on. im very very excited. thursdays at 9 (10 in NB) on NBC. in fact im pretty stoked on the entire thursday nite line up. (stoked? how white am i?) thursdays will grace us with SNL weekend update, parks and recreation, the office, community (which is new, but looks funny) and jay leno's new show. oh, and 30 rock. sounds like a good nite to me. i cant wait. 


whats up??

im having a girls nite out tonite!! and man oh man is it going to be a good time. its been a while in the making, but the day is finally upon us. it feels like forever since ive gotten ready to go out with a bunch of friends. (or going out in general). it used to be a weekly event. i miss the days of predrinking the bar with 50/50 vodka-redbull with sabrina on wednesdays and fridays. everyone needs a weekly douce of cougars, and 80s hits.. really. getting ready for the bar with a friend is always better then a solo mission, because there is someone to tell you, you look like a fricken idiot. those terribly dressed, makeup everywhere, hair a mess girls.. they got ready alone. that would never happen in a team situation. because as we all know, a team is only as strong as the weakest link. i hope you're all having a super fly weekend!!


sad news..

im sad today. 
purr monster passed away this afternoon. 
turns out she was one sick little kitty. she had worms. HARDCORE. it was really sad, she sat on the couch all day, and by the end, she couldn't even hold her tiny head up. but im glad to say she went peacefully in her sleep. and shes no longer in pain. so thats a plus. 

bye bye purr monster, you were a little sweetheart, and we'll miss you. 



uh oh..

im fairly certain that the world is coming to an end. how do i know? well on the drive home, from the worst service ever at 'west side luigis', justin bieber was on TWO radio stations at the same time. in my opinion there was no point in time that this little kid from stratford ontario should have become famous. and i could have lived the rest of my life without his single being on TWO radio stations at the exact same time. balls. it ruined my night. 

(ya, gangster it up you fricken idiot)
back to the bad service at dinner. it was so bad that i felt the need to mention it in my blog, so you know it was a bad bad time. we were there for about an hour before they even took our order. (and we wernt going to leave, because we had a gift certificate) and jason was out of a drink for probably 45 mins. 
note to the general public:: do not go to previously mentioned restaurant in saint john, nb. because you will get mad, and not tip your server. and if you're anything like jay or i, you will feel like a douche, but it was more than necessary. 

seacrest out. 

how amazing!!!

THE BEATLES ROCKBAND?!?!?! i am BEYOND excited for this game. it comes out 09/09/09. i think this will rekindle my pure burning love for rockband. eeeeee. im so excited. pure excellence. 


by accident..

so, i was watching mtv, and on the news portion of the show they announced that jay z's blueprint 3 has been leaked! im so excited. 

in other news.. i started my new job, i think im going to really like it there. so far its been really good, and the people are very nice. so fingers crossed that it stays that way. also! we got a new kitten. purr monster is here for real. steven french didnt care much for her at first, and spent two days really really pissed off at us. but i think he's getting over it. he was chasing her around this morning.. and then let her lie down with him for a little. i bet they're going to be best friends. 

well. thats all for now, better get ready for work. another day, another dollar ya'll.