dating in the dark..

so, my cable line up right now is BEYOND lame. 
its between 'dating in the dark' and a one hour special of jon and kate plus 8 (in the good old days back when they were still together...) of when they went skiing. and ive already sat thru the j&k+8 and i cant afford to loose any more brain cells. 
dating in the dark is the most ridiculous show out there.. now, i missed the beginning but i think that there is these 3 women and 3 men, the women live with the women, and the men live with the men, and they cannot see the opposite sex in the light, but have dates in a dark date room. and they all date each other, and they more or less make out with each other, get jealous then revenge make out with other people. take about spreading the common cold faster than necessary. are they going to like each other when they see each other?? thats the big question. and the answer is, who gives a fuck. these losers who date on tv, just look tacky and lame. 

lame on, lameballs. 

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