its all about worthyness

hello my bloggies!!
(i hope you dont mind that i call you bloggies, but i feel that because i dont know who you are, bloggies will have to do)

there has been nothing really going on in my life that i feel is blog worthy. 

women and worthyness. its an odd thing

so like i said, not to much going on, just working on finishing up school.. 

cant wait to be done. 
yay me!


can you hear me?

today, i feel invisible. 

i think i messaged a total of 10 people this evening and only one person got back to me, and it could have been by fluke. 
how depressing. 

carol (sometimes referred to as "crack head carol" who lives across the hall) was taken away by EMS again tonight, and im certain i heard gun shots mellow down on bleaker street. what an eventful evening in the ghetto. 

there are three A+ movies on right now, south park: bigger longer and uncut, mr. deeds, and caddyshack. so many options only one set of eyes to watch them. 



i want

check this out, 


so last night jason called me, but i was too into jon and kate plus 8 to talk, and promised to call him back as soon as it was over. 
and after it ended i was searching the guide to see what else there was to watch when i came across a new episode of dog the bounty hunter. 

an hour went by before i snapped out of it and realized i was now over an hour late in calling the boyfriend back. shit. 

i think it has a lot to do with beths boobs. they are OUT OF CONTROL.. see for yourself. 

and a picture of the whole gang.. lol


im excited.

he's about the coolest guy i know...

to the whore upstairs.

to whom it may concern, 

you would be surprised to know, that you wearing your high-heeled shoes inside is extremely annoying for those who dwell below you. 
i have had enough of your clip clopping around for one day. 

i hate you, 
please take your shoes off at the door.



two thoughts .

one. its thursday.. 
that means there's a new office on.


two. i miss jason a lot. 


wednesday mushroom cuts.

holy moly was it ever windy out this afternoon. 
literally the wind pushed me into a fence on my way to school today. 

its makeover day on americas next top model. its my favorite episode of the season. so im pretty happy for it to be on. what i dont understand about this season is why there is a girl from puerto rico, isn't 'america's' next top model? i dont get it.. but whatever. 
every season miss j does something that changes by a little each week, as the girls leave.. and i have this feeling that his hair is going to grow out or something.. because he/she is rocking a pretty fly mushroom cut. 

ive forgotten where i was going with this.. these things happen. 

random photo.

i ate at this 50s restaurant at MGM, i think id like to go back. look how fun it is!


loosing my cool.

so, yesterday was a total write off, sick as a dog, i only left my bed to obtain the necessaries, 
i had run out of diet coke, and shoppers had it on sale, so i made the big 12 foot venture to buy myself some cheap sodapop. but seriously other than that.. i spent the day moaning in my bed. 

today i jumped in the shower, got shampoo all lathered up in my hair, and noticed the water pressure slipping away.. then BLAM, no water.. 

so im standing there, soap in hair, running into my eyes with NO water at all.. not very impressed.. 
im not sure what im going to do. there's still copious amounts of soap in my hair.. and i even tried to get the remaining out with the dribble of ice cold water in the bathroom sink, but it was still a no go. 

FUCK. i hate you 565, your days are numbered. 


happy march!

hello bloggies, 
so here we are... 
MARCH 2nd!

and you know what that means, SPRINGTIME is coming!!!!! pretty sure i just pee'd myself a little in pure excitement that i have made it through yet another disgusting winter. 

Abria 23 : Winter 0
lets not think about how frigidly cold it is outside, instead lets dream about the crocuses springing out of the ground, and 'grape flowers'.. (i dont know their real name, the BUTT and i just always called them grape flowers, and mother never corrected us) i just tried to google them, but "grape flower" brought up the flowering buds on grape plants, and "purple flowers" brought up purple flowers, but "springtime purple flowers" informed me that what i call 'grape flowers' are really called Muscari or Grape Hyacinths. there ya go, maybe i wasnt such a dumb kid after all.  thanks google. (here they are in white)

today has been a whirl wind of productivity. i woke my ass up, got ready and left for school. i had to run to catch the bus, but i think that was better for me because then i wasnt standing there super pissed off about the elevator stopping to pick up some slow man on floor 19. 

i had an exam today in HR planning, and i wasnt too sure if id be prepared for it, but i breezed through it. i hope it was because it was easy, and not because i failed. fingers cross. 

after being a genius, i had to go work on a proposal for another class which i finished in record time, and after much frustration got it printed and stapled in the library ready for my next class. 

i also got my VIP transit pass today. woot woot. $96. not bad. 
all in all pretty productive day, 
now all i have to do is go drop off my computron at the apple store to get it fixed and everything on my to-do list will be done!