quality family time

if you have nothing to do at 7 pm on weeknights i strongly suggest you pull together your family, or college/university family (roommates) and watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy. 

almost everyday alaina and i, and sometimes sabrina gather together to watch these family shows. not only is this a bonding experience, we're getting smarter. A+

i always laugh at the commercials that air during these kinds of shows. like the clapper plus. 
clap on, clap off, the clapper. with a button you can push for those 'hard to reach' appliances. .. now, what confuses me with this product is that the whole point of the clapper is that you don't need to be around the thing you want to turn on or off... and in this commercial they show a lady sticking the clapper remote buttons on the wall. 

 its the start of christmas season in suite 2019, alaina and i are avoiding studying by watching how the grinch stole christmas.. classic.
and today we put up our christmas tree.. heres a glimpse
and please be aware that elf is on at 8 pm sunday. SANTA IS COMING!!!!
ho ho ho


over it.

this post is dedicated to all those who have pissed me off in an irreversible way. 
(unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing thing)

everything about you pisses me off. 
i wish there was a way for me to forgive, and forget, or just forgive, or just forget. 
but it seems impossible. 

you just breathing air disturbs me to my core.. 
really, thats not pleasant for anyone. 

clearly i just need to cut you out 100%.. which is hard. but i guess its the only way. 
so. to that one girl out there.. YOUR CUT. done. finished.

also a rant about the TTC. 
i have always had a love hate relationship with the TTC. 
somedays are good days, most days are bad days. 
.. im the kind of person who patiently waits for the bus to get to my spot looking calm and collected, but in reality im screaming in my head.. "DRIVE!!! I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE NOT DRIVING!!! MOVE YOUR ASS!! THERES NO ONE THERE, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SITTING THERE, MOVE YOUR ASS!!!!"
im actually concerned that one day i'll actually burst out into screaming, and that people around me will be afraid.
my major problem with the TTC as of late, is that there are major inconsistencies.. nothing pisses me off more than inconsistencies.. if you're going to suck, suck hard all the time.. and ill figure out a way to deal with you. but whatever you do, don't fluctuate from good to bad.. i won't know what to expect, and that's where the problems lie. 

i guess thats where my problems lie in my real life relationships. 


a misses j

i miss my boyfriend, 
so much that it hurts. 

long distance relationships suck a lot. 
they're do-able.. (so long as there is an end in sight).. 
but they hurt so much. 

time apart makes the heart grow fonder.. 
which in turn makes the time apart sting that much more. 

jason and my relationship has always been longdistance. this time last year he and i were golden because at most we had only spent maybe 10 days together. we didnt know what we were missing. when i moved to NB last summer, the first little bit was shaky, because we wernt used to being together all the time. now it sucks because we're back to being apart, after we got used to being together. 

christmas cant come soon enough



all my 'extra' time..

i find i have a lot of 'extra' time... 
its not that i dont have anything to do, 
its just i dont feel anything is pressing enough to get all stressed out, and need to do it. 

this semester at school i have found that i work amazingly under pressure. i have also tried very hard all semester to get my assignments done ahead of time, so that i dont find myself freaking out the night before a paper or assignment is due, frantically trying to get it finished. and try as i might, im still working away up until the last minuet. i know exactly what i have to do for my last 5 assignments, but i cant bring myself to start, work on, or finish any of them. 

one assignment i had for one class, i had to hand in an outline, with a list of sources i was planning to use to complete the assignment. i had to research my whole paper months before it was actually due. coming back to an assignment that i had started was the hardest thing in the world to do.. if felt like i was doing the assignment twice and i was incredibly frustrated by the end of it. 

another assignment was due the monday i got back from being in new brunswick all week. lord knows i didnt do any of it during the week i had off... i actually had two due that monday, one at 8 am, and the other was due by the end of the day, i had to put it in a drop box.. when i got home from NB at 9 pm on the sunday, i started working on the one that was due at 8 am, went to bed, got up extra early finished it, went to school.. handed it in, came home started working on the other one, finished it, came back to school and handed it in. in less than 12 hours i had written two major reports, and the final marks i got were 74%, and 93%.. 

and here i sit, in the library.. writing a blog.. 


Dear Megan Jackson...

dear megan jackson,
i dont care that you lost 45lbs in 3 months. 
i dont care to check out the four easy steps its going to take me to achieve similar results.
i kind of think you're a lier, and i dont really trust anything that you claim to be true.
im starting to think you're not even a real person, and maybe just an alias of someone or something else. 

if that is true, how can i even begin to comprehend anything you're saying? you dont even exist.

please stop sending me emails.

or the result will be shocking...



anything but what i SHOULD be doing.

i love canada, dont get me wrong.
but holy shit.. this low light is driving me crazy
its 7:17pm and it feels like its between 11 and midnite.

talk about screwing up your entire day, i have a hard time getting out of bed in the first place let alone getting anything of relevance accomplished. forget it, its just not going to happen. im sorry united empire loyalists paper, its not looking so hot, you might not get finished today. *tear*

exciting (or just notable) things that happened today... 

one of the ghetto buildings across the way was on fire today.. i was cooking myself some lunch when i noticed copious amounts of billowing black smoke wafting away from one of the furthest away 'in the ghetto hood' buildings. i went out to the balcony to get a better look, and low and behold, it was a blaze! talk about excitement.. i could hear people yelling, "GET OUT, ITS A FIRE!" im not totally sure but from what i could see it looked like an entire apartment was on fire, and that maybe it was actually two or three on fire. 

i would be SO mad if a neighbour had a fire, and my stuff got ruined as a result. sure i have insurance, but really.. that would suck, and it would suck hard.

the fire alarm here is one of my major pet peeves, it goes off at least twice a month.. and most of the time it is a false alarm.. in the two years that we've been here, there has only been two real fires, and only one time the fire alarm went off.. and that was a terrible morning. the parking garage in flames at 6am, with the alarm going off for two hours that i could have been sleeping. and the other fire, (that i know of) was outside, it looked like someone had lit leaves or garbage on fire.. both would be understandable in this neighbourhood.

i guess what im getting at is, that sucks for those people who were up in flames today.. and that im ready for summer again.