lazy wednesday afternoons.

holy shit, did it ever snow like a bitch out today!
(sorry for all the swears, but honestly?!? what a frick-load of snow)

wednesdays for me are pretty sweet, after having two 8 am days in a row, wednesday doesn't start until 3 pm, which allows for some pretty sweet sleep in times. not to mention that i have nothing going on on thursdays.. greatness. 

all morning i sat in the living room watching court tv (my daytime guilty pleasure) and the massive amount of snow falling steadily to the ground. i love snow days. it may possibly by the best thing about being canadian, some days it just snows too much, and you can stay home and do nothing but watch crapy american court tv. i checked cp24 and the weather network probably three times hoping that school would be cancelled. but no such luck. 

how i miss the highschool days, full of snow days, and daytime tv. 

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