my apologies,

ya i know, its been 38 years since ive written a blog, and for that i am sorry. but never fear, here i am.. ready to dish the dirt.. so to say. what to talk about.... hmm. well nothing super exciting has happened in the last little bit. 

i finally unlocked the 'endless setlist 2' on rock band.. that was a pretty exciting point. alaina and my band now has a career score of something like 9.6 million points or whatever. im a rockstar.

valentines day was a good day had by all. alaina, anita, and i went to see 'hes just not that into you', and it was a cute/funny movie that if you're wondering about your boy reading skills, i suggest you go see it. after the movie alaina and i bid farewell to anita (she had to work) and went on to the royal york hotel for some hair removal.. holy shit was there ever alot of people in toronto on saturday. the line up at the royal york for valet parking was just as busy as people in line to go in the tunnel to get to NYC. crazyness. after a spa experience we headed off to st. lawerance market. we had been planning this crazy delicious dinner that we needed some fresh produce to create. we ended up with this GIGANTIC pork chop that could feed an army, some fresh baby potatoes, and the best tasting strawberries ive had in a long time. needless to say, we had the most delicious meal ever, and the day as a whole was wonderful.

also jason will be here on thursday. i cannot wait. i miss him so much, and it sucked pretty hard to not be able to spend valentines day together, although it was still fabulous with alaina. obviously. 

well i should get stop this, and study some. business law awaits. 

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