talk talk talk talk talk

so fairly recently my cell phone died. it was tragic. i had this bright plan to keep the phone i had for as long as i could, to save up the upgrade to get an awesome phone, at a point down the line where i could afford a wicked data plan.. so i was waiting to get an iPhone.

but like i said, it got wet and just stopped working so i had to get a new one. being so reliant on OSAP i couldn't justify a phone that required a data package that i wouldn't need to have, so  i went with the LG Shine.

have to say, this is a pretty decent phone. its nice and small, the battery lasts for a long time, there's pretty good talk time before the battery dies. ive had excellent reception with it, and im not certain how much of that has to do with the phone, and how much is to do with the signal towers. but i dont really have a bad thing to say about this particular phone. the only thing i would change would be, that the phone doesn't let you rearrange the menu items on the function page, and id like to be able to change where they are. 

what i wish i had known about is this other LG phone called the LG Decoy. its a regular phone with a built in bluetooth headset. i have a bluetooth headset that i can link up with my shine, but how much more handy would it be to have the bluetooth thing built into the back of your phone, and it charges as your phone charges. it just seems so handy. i dont think its a phone offered through rogers, and if it is, i think id be upset. 

but what phone i really really want these days it the blackberry bold. holy geeze am i in love with this phone. i cannot wait for the day that a business i work for buys and pays for me to have one. ... someday.

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