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hi bloggies. 
sorry i have been neglecting my blog. 
this will stop as of now. 

so today i was going downstairs to get some fresh air (actually i was really craving an "a submarine") and the elevator doors flew open, and there was two people crammed in there with all their dirty laundry going down to the depths of B1 to do some laundry.. they both had on sandals... and socks. you had better believe i was chuckling to myself.. i squished in there and we were off.. plummeting to the ground, when we stopped again a few floors down.. another man crammed in there with his laundry bag, and guess what he had on his feet?? socks  and sandals.. 

apparently the rad thing to do at 565 sherbourne is to do your laundry while sporting the awesome combo of socks and sandals. yikes.

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Sweet Lainie said...

Lol they are usually wearing shorts too. Which is understandable due to the tropical climate that is our apartment. Hot stuff.