"good luck at life"

just like every other previous year, the roommates and i were not able to celebrate christmas on or before christmas, so it had to wait.. not as long as last year (i think we celebrated/opened presents in like february.. or something outrageous like that) but it was still a january event. nothing finer then getting more presents on january 5th. the thing about christmas or any other holiday when people try to get home to their families, especially if they are in school, is that the people you actually live with get neglected. for instance i left toronto on december 12, and didnt come back until january 5th. :|  

back to christmas presents, i think we all put a lot awesome thought into the gifts this year. alaina got a custom necklace that is 'fabulous', and the board game version of wheel of fortune (clearly we're obsessed), sabrina got some eyebrow helper (she's slightly eyebrow challenged) and a gift certificate for a mani and pedi (i think both at least), and i got a grinder, and ... THE GAME OF LIFE!

obviously we played it in a family game kinda way the other night. the game of life is my favorite game of all time. the results of the game were that dan was an extremely high paid doctor who married a lady (who wasn't sabrina..) had no kids, and retired with the ridiculous amount of over 4 million dollars. sabrina married, was a high paid lawyer (pretty sure each pay day she was wracking in $130,000) and had one kid. alaina started out as a mechanic, got married, had a girl, then a boy, then twin boys, (thats right.. 4 kids) went to college became an accountant, lost that job, became an entertainer then retired. and i (who came in last) went to college, became an accountant, got married, had a girl, lost my job, became an entertainer, went to college again... and became a computer programer. 

i was clearly too involved in the game, so when jason made his nightly call, i had to let him go, and the text message i received from him read: "i think im going to go to bed now, ill call you tomorrow when im home from work. i love you. good luck at life"

by the time i had read the text message, we were long done the game, and text messages are not the best conveyer of tone.. 'good luck at life' just didnt sound right. luckily his heart is in the right place. Y

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Sweet Lainie said...

great success. I love the links to my blog!