holy crap, its been a while

so ive made the jump from regular diet coke, to diet coke with no caffeine.


at first i thought no biggie, i can deal with less to no caffeine, because its really the aspartame that i crave. and i was right, i havnt gotten any headaches that come along with a heavy addiction to caffein, im doing great other then i feel my energy level has dropped. 

in retrospect i think it was a bad idea. i mean, i guess technically im slowly cutting myself off, at school i generally grab a diet coke to help me thru the day, but my caffein filled diet coke consumption has dropped pretty heavily. for example yesterday i had NO caffein at all, granted i slept most of the day and it was fabulous. 

ive been pretty exhausted lately. i think it has to do with the low light of winter, and the new gold cans, and me being so close to the end of school i can taste it, that is wiping me out. 

but im going to try to be out there more often, and do more, experience more, and be more. 

you know.. the finer things in life. 

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