a misses j

i miss my boyfriend, 
so much that it hurts. 

long distance relationships suck a lot. 
they're do-able.. (so long as there is an end in sight).. 
but they hurt so much. 

time apart makes the heart grow fonder.. 
which in turn makes the time apart sting that much more. 

jason and my relationship has always been longdistance. this time last year he and i were golden because at most we had only spent maybe 10 days together. we didnt know what we were missing. when i moved to NB last summer, the first little bit was shaky, because we wernt used to being together all the time. now it sucks because we're back to being apart, after we got used to being together. 

christmas cant come soon enough


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xoxomirr said...

aww cute! Is he coming here or r you going there?