over it.

this post is dedicated to all those who have pissed me off in an irreversible way. 
(unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing thing)

everything about you pisses me off. 
i wish there was a way for me to forgive, and forget, or just forgive, or just forget. 
but it seems impossible. 

you just breathing air disturbs me to my core.. 
really, thats not pleasant for anyone. 

clearly i just need to cut you out 100%.. which is hard. but i guess its the only way. 
so. to that one girl out there.. YOUR CUT. done. finished.

also a rant about the TTC. 
i have always had a love hate relationship with the TTC. 
somedays are good days, most days are bad days. 
.. im the kind of person who patiently waits for the bus to get to my spot looking calm and collected, but in reality im screaming in my head.. "DRIVE!!! I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE NOT DRIVING!!! MOVE YOUR ASS!! THERES NO ONE THERE, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SITTING THERE, MOVE YOUR ASS!!!!"
im actually concerned that one day i'll actually burst out into screaming, and that people around me will be afraid.
my major problem with the TTC as of late, is that there are major inconsistencies.. nothing pisses me off more than inconsistencies.. if you're going to suck, suck hard all the time.. and ill figure out a way to deal with you. but whatever you do, don't fluctuate from good to bad.. i won't know what to expect, and that's where the problems lie. 

i guess thats where my problems lie in my real life relationships.