all my 'extra' time..

i find i have a lot of 'extra' time... 
its not that i dont have anything to do, 
its just i dont feel anything is pressing enough to get all stressed out, and need to do it. 

this semester at school i have found that i work amazingly under pressure. i have also tried very hard all semester to get my assignments done ahead of time, so that i dont find myself freaking out the night before a paper or assignment is due, frantically trying to get it finished. and try as i might, im still working away up until the last minuet. i know exactly what i have to do for my last 5 assignments, but i cant bring myself to start, work on, or finish any of them. 

one assignment i had for one class, i had to hand in an outline, with a list of sources i was planning to use to complete the assignment. i had to research my whole paper months before it was actually due. coming back to an assignment that i had started was the hardest thing in the world to do.. if felt like i was doing the assignment twice and i was incredibly frustrated by the end of it. 

another assignment was due the monday i got back from being in new brunswick all week. lord knows i didnt do any of it during the week i had off... i actually had two due that monday, one at 8 am, and the other was due by the end of the day, i had to put it in a drop box.. when i got home from NB at 9 pm on the sunday, i started working on the one that was due at 8 am, went to bed, got up extra early finished it, went to school.. handed it in, came home started working on the other one, finished it, came back to school and handed it in. in less than 12 hours i had written two major reports, and the final marks i got were 74%, and 93%.. 

and here i sit, in the library.. writing a blog.. 

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xoxomirr said...

oh man! now i get to creep you guys. i am so excited for the blogs!! ps you're hilarious