Friday Mornings @ 11:11..

So this morning while waiting for time to pass before I have to leave for work, I decided that the people on maury were wayy to white trash for me to be part of the viewing audience, and cribs was a repeat so I flipped on the the end of the Dean Blundell show to catch the end, secretly hoping the Adrian Abrantes would be on.. ( he wasn't). The show ended and I was not paying attention, off surfing the far ends of the internet (the free ads on kijiji) and the next radio show started. I defiantly have drifted away from 102.1 The Edge because I don't like all of the songs they play, actually I almost stopped listing to the Dean Blundell show because Adrian wasn't on anymore and I just find him so hilarious.
The song that came on, BLEW MY MIND.

It doesn't really surprise me that I like this song, because I really like "Long Distance Call" by Phoenix. ANNNDDD The Phoenix used to be one of my all time favorite bars ever.. back in the good old days.

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