wednesday mushroom cuts.

holy moly was it ever windy out this afternoon. 
literally the wind pushed me into a fence on my way to school today. 

its makeover day on americas next top model. its my favorite episode of the season. so im pretty happy for it to be on. what i dont understand about this season is why there is a girl from puerto rico, isn't 'america's' next top model? i dont get it.. but whatever. 
every season miss j does something that changes by a little each week, as the girls leave.. and i have this feeling that his hair is going to grow out or something.. because he/she is rocking a pretty fly mushroom cut. 

ive forgotten where i was going with this.. these things happen. 

random photo.

i ate at this 50s restaurant at MGM, i think id like to go back. look how fun it is!

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Allison Road said...

MGM in Disney? I ate at the drive in theater! there was popcorn and you got to sit in a car!