loosing my cool.

so, yesterday was a total write off, sick as a dog, i only left my bed to obtain the necessaries, 
i had run out of diet coke, and shoppers had it on sale, so i made the big 12 foot venture to buy myself some cheap sodapop. but seriously other than that.. i spent the day moaning in my bed. 

today i jumped in the shower, got shampoo all lathered up in my hair, and noticed the water pressure slipping away.. then BLAM, no water.. 

so im standing there, soap in hair, running into my eyes with NO water at all.. not very impressed.. 
im not sure what im going to do. there's still copious amounts of soap in my hair.. and i even tried to get the remaining out with the dribble of ice cold water in the bathroom sink, but it was still a no go. 

FUCK. i hate you 565, your days are numbered. 

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